April 23, 2015

The Power Week

The theme of this entire week has all been Power based, with the Power Bridge, or Shed your Load challenge which had the housemates working well  together. 

And also whenever Big Brother played a song, the trouble makers had to get up and dance in the Power Dance challenge, something that sapped at the housemates power, their energy levels visibly sagging as the week wore on. 

Moving on, the next challenge was to construct a Power Pipeline to transport liquid from one spot to another, this they passed with flying colours, working together in a unit of togetherness. 

Then lastly tonights task is the Power of Music in which the housemates have to compose a song about the Power of Unity in Africa. 

Join the conversation by using #BBPower and #BB2TV and tell us what does the Power of Unity in Africa mean to you.

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