April 23, 2015

The Girls Make Fun Of Ace And Ntombi

If you were looking for good gossip girls, you would obviously find them in the Big Brother Mzansi house. After they enjoyed a few bottles of shapshap last night, the girls being headed by Tembi decided to make fun of the lovely couple Ace and Ntombi.

While Ntombi was having a friendly talk with Chelsea in the bedroom, the other girls being Tembi, Blue, Khali and Mbali thought it was better to make her 'Ntombi' and Ace the hot topic of the night.

Soxx's lady love 'Tembi' laughed about the moment she met Ace and Ntombi after which she went on to salute beauty queens Blue and Mbali for being patient with Ntombi's unending questions.

The four super gossip girls also put it clear that Ntombi was nothing but a nuisance with Tembi pointing out that there was a little difference between Ntombi and a child.

Further still, Bongi's lady love Khali didn't hesitate to reveal that she found Ace a little suspect.

What might happen if Ace or Ntombi finds out what the gossip said of them? keep logged in for updates....
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