April 23, 2015

The End Of Soxx And Tembi's Relationship

Today may mark the unexpected end of Soxx and Tembi's relationship as they had yet another heated up argument during their Diary Session.

Following the heated argument over the constant meddling by K2 in their relationship on Tuesday night, Soxx and Tembi forgave each other and eventually kissed.

However the love birds were involved in an explosion of words today and we are even not sure if they’ll be able to bounce back from this one. 

In addition to the pressure of being Head of House, the duo have eventually found themselves picking at every little mistake each made. 

It was beauty queen Tembi who opened up first that she wasn’t enjoying the responsibility of being Head of House  - which is probably why she let the house get dirty on her day to run it -  and she’s starting to find Soxx irritating. 

In response to Tembi unpleasant words, Soxx revealed that he also found her irritating and could not understand why she would not simply let him help the fellow housemates during the task as it’s part of his role as Head of House.

Even when Big Brother tried to calm down the troubled pair, they could not find a common ground soon as Tembi was already in tears.

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