April 26, 2015

Tembi Aims Shots At Blue

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Following yesterday night's crazy party, Soxx's troubled lady love Tembi was yet at risk after she attacked a royal in attendance of all the other housemates.

Well all the trouble makers 'housemates' made it to the living room enjoying their cigarettes and pickled from all the shapshap that was flowing, one would say the shapshap had gotten to most of their heads.

Despite the fact that throughout the whole of last week Tembi had been some how closer to Blue than she had ever been, the troubled lass ended the day by aiming clear shots at K2's lady love Blue.

It all started when she was asked how she would rate herself as the Head of House of this week, Tembi didn't waste no time as she blurted out, over some slightly drunken slurring, that there was a difference between crowns and tiaras. 

And as she said all this, her victim Blue was just sitting across from her and being that everyone is aware that things to do with royal and tiaras in the house are associated with Blue, all the housemates minds flew to that as they all raised their eye-brows and yelled “shots fired”.

We should actually not forget that this was not the first time Tembi was aiming shots at a fellow housemate, will it be her last?

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