April 07, 2015

Soxx And Tembi's Relationship Is On The Rocks

Last night new Head of House couple Pumba and Kay saved Tembi and Adams and threw Bexx and Soxx down the nomination gallows. 

This couldn’t have been easy for new couple Soxx and Tembi as this effectively placed them on opposing sides. Was this going to afect their relationship?

Seemingly so. Tembi had begun to note a few changes in her lover-boy. Immediately after learning that they were up for eviction this week, alongside mainstays Gino & Tiffini and nice-girls turned villains Mbali and Chelsea, Soxx’s nerves were shot. He ran upstairs to pray about it and pleaded with the country to keep them in during their diary session.

The cousins had been coasting under the radar and their new nominated status had knocked them into fifth gear. Tembi revealed to K2 that she was sceptic about their relationship now. 

His words and actions were suspicious and he and Bexx’s sudden breath of life was a little too staged in her opinion. It all looked much too much like strategy and Tembi was losing trust in Soxx fast.

K2 advised her not to get to comfortable because this was, after all, a game. She earlier suggested to Soxx, during their usual flirtatious banter, that he was being one way when they were alone together and another when everyone else was around.

With Tembi feeling safer next to Adams would their romance handle this shift?

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