April 22, 2015

Soxx And Tembi Are Done Thanks To k2

Big Brother Mzansi love birds Soxx and Tembi had a heated argument the past day and this surely seemed to be the beginning of the end to their relatonship

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Just as the day came to an end, the ill-fated partnership came to what may very well be the end. 

While they lay side by side in bed, Soxx and Tembi had a heated exchange of words with the most flaming of insults flying back and forth. 

With no resolve in sight and the fight only ending because Biggie made everyone rush downstairs to dance, Tembi’s latest encounter with K2 seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in her relationship.

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K2’s magic appears to have finally achieved the desired result but with Soxx proclaiming that anger aside he’s still madly inlove with Tembi, will we see him making a last ditch effort to fight for his woman or is he going to sit and hope K2 gets evicted this Sunday?

Whatever Soxx decides, he better act fast! They’ve put a spell on his girl.

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