April 22, 2015

Sleep Takes Control Inside Biggie's House

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Currently it's past half way Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble and it has been a grueling and testing season so far. The housemates have been on the go from day one and it seems as if the pace of the game has taken its toll on everyone.

Beauty queen Ntombi appeared bushed after being annoyed with Ace. She clearly needed to sleep a bit to recharge her batteries and deal with Ace.

Chelsea and Mbali had been at each other's throats this week, has this sapped at their energy levels as both have shown signs of fatigue? The two spent a good part of the morning in bed while everyone else was up and about.

Has K2's roving eye exhausted Blue? or was it the serious cleaning earlier in the day? She slept for a while in her bed with her tiara and makeup in tact.

Even the energetic Ace appeared to need a few moments of sleep. Perhaps Ntombi's constant nagging had exhausted him or was it because of him nagging her? He certainly knows how to push her buttons.

Khali couldn't stop yawning either, she showed her annoyance with some of the housemates during her diary session, feeling that they were all very limited in what they spoke about. She said that she wanted more intellectual discourse and was tired of speaking mostly about "dudes." There must have been something in the air today.

There was also the possibility that the Power Dance challenge was taking the spring out of everybody's step as after each song Biggie played, they all took to a slump. 

What does Biggie have to do to wake the housemates up?

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