April 21, 2015

Shaking What Their Mommas Gave Them

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It was high time Big Brother enjoyed seeing the housemates have a good time dancing thus he decided to give everyone another dancing challenge

Immediately the task first started housemates were all jovial and danced enthusiastically but eventually energies dwindled and things got real. With barely a moment to nap or fix up a meal, everyone found themselves constantly having to run outside and shake what their mommas gave them.

Honestly speaking it seems they’re learning the hard way that having to boogie at the drop of a hat isn’t as easy as they would have thought. 

Kay notably had it the hardest out of everyone. The dancing always seemed to fall right at the moment where she’d finally got the chance to relax or even worse, when she was in the bathroom!

HOH Soxx and his friend Pumba had the same misfortune of awkward timing but with a 100% wager on the line, they pulled up their pants (literally) and did what had to be done.

And ofcourse knowing Big Brother, the housemates are in for a real challenge because clearly that 100% wager won’t come easy. But with the task not even half way through and everyone already feeling defeated, it may just be a matter of time before someone throws in the towel.

Who do you think will be the first to call it quits?

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