April 06, 2015

Pumba And Gino Fell Out During Today's Second HOH Task

After successfully navigating the first round of the Head of House challenge, Pumba and Kay as well as Bongi and Khali put it all on the line to try win the highly coveted Head of House title. 

The pairs, accompanied by their fellow housemates, headed into the arena where this time Big Brother had setup a game of soccer with a twist.

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After picking the pairs they’d like to join their team, the prospective housemates and their teammates squeezed into inflatable balls that made for a rather interesting game of footie. 

With limited visibility and lots of tumbles, the challenge proved tougher than expected but ultimately the housemates had a stellar time trying to show-off their inner-Messi within the confines of their inflatables.

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As with all high stakes games though tempers inevitably flared and Gino and Pumba got into a rather heated argument after Gino last balance and knocked over Blue by mistake. Biggie quickly paused the game and called on the housemates to calm down before they could resume.

After order was restored it was a tightly contested game but ultimately the blue team, headed by Kay and Pumba, came out tops and as such the unlikely pair were crowned the Head of House.

It was no easy feat but well worth it
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