April 08, 2015

Ntombi A f@rting Victim, The Housemates Are Starving

As we came to the end of the second day of the liquid diet it was clear that the side-effects of the protein shakes with a side serving of cigarettes and the occasional meal – at Mbali and Chelsea’s whim – were kicking in. If housemates weren’t keeled over a toilet seat they were releasing gas like it was nobody’s business.

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There was burping, throwing-up, farting and stomachs growling all over the show. No one said the road to health and fitness (or even R10,000?) would ever be easy.

Housemates were suffering to be troopers. They all certainly deserved a round of applause.

Some were bearing a worse off brunt than others. Soxx was nursing an uncomfortable bout of piles that had him running back and forth from the loo. 

Blue and some of the girls were often torn out of their sleep by some kind of “morning sickness” that had them puking their guts out over a bucket.

Ntombi found herself the hapless victim of migraines while Kay expressed that there was a whole lot of her to feed and she wasn’t coping.

Do you think housemates are going to make it out of this alive?

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