April 02, 2015

Meet Big Brother's Stubborn Housemates

It would seem Ace, Soxx and Chelsea have been the naughtiest Big Brother School students while Sibu, Gino, Tiffini and Bexx have been sucking up to the head prefects aka HoH.
This transpired during the diary sessions. "Sibu and Tiffini made us HoH pancakes in the morning and Bexx offered to wash my school short," head girl Blue confided in Biggie. Pumba singled out Gino whom he said couldn't stop telling Blue how beautiful she is. "I think he told her 10 times in a minute," Pumba chuckled adding that Ace was the naughtiest student. "The no-smoking rule didn't apply to him at all."

Meanwhile, his partner Kay was more concerned about being deprived of her beloved smokes. "I've been 10 years in this Biggie, you can't handle me," she retorted when Biggie insinuated that the current no-smoking rule could be part of a bigger plan to force housemates to quit.

Well, Ace's name came up quite often among the delinquents as Chelsea and Mbali also mentioned him. However, Chelsea added herself to the mix obviously unaware that Tembi had already mentioned her.

Another issue that took precedence was the usual concerning housemates stashing away foodstuffs and Chelsea's name seemed to come up often.

Matthias' sudden interest in taking over the kitchen doesn't seem to be going down well with housemates like Khali and Bongi but for Matthias, this is part of his strategy. "Which part of the house is referred to as it's heart?," he questioned Biggie during his shared diary session. Biggie simply burst his bubble with a simple; "the diary room" before adding "the kitchen".

It would seem Matthias has it all figured out but will the housemates be happy with him controlling the kitchen?

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