April 18, 2015

Mbali Talks About Her Ex

Mbali shares another one of her 'case of the ex' tales for as long as the stage is hers and indeed she could start a riot with all her talking and tales of this, that and the next ex.

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Honestly speaking no one could even tell if art imitated life with the actress because most of her stories tipped the scale at dramatic. 

Surely was there a reason her life adventures had to with a saga about an ex-boyfriend? Either way, like she often told Biggie in their diary sessions, she was able to fix all the attention on herself. Don’t hate now.

All the housemates were attentive today in the morning as beauty queen Mbali she shared the story of an ex that she had been dating for five years before it went all pear-shaped.

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Now this relationship ended hideously with him holding her hostage and she eventually fleeing from the scene of the crime after running over his toe.

In fact it was not all action packed and cars racing over body parts, there was always a back story.

The little guy actually became too attached to Mbali and a couple of years into the relationship she was trapped in a situation where she had no escape from the relationship. He had infiltrated all her circles from family to friends to family of friends.

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