April 03, 2015

Mbali Not Impressed After Her Wine Is Stolen

This morning Mbali was in no mood to be your friend. After filling out some rumours she’d heard that someone was trying to sabotage her by stealing her wine she wasn’t too impressed.
Apparently some saw her as something of a Ms-Goody-Goody and wanted to see her trip.

This set the lass off in a bit of a no-nonsense mood this morning as she warned Matthias, whom she suspected of having said this about, that she was onto him.

There was ducking and diving from him as she expressed that she was disappointed that some housemates were plotting behind and turning right around and smiling in her face.

But the girl is brighter than that and she wasn’t naïve to the possibility that some were playing a dirty game. She would also sit back and observe, striking only when it was suitable to do so.

She was also learning that some housemates were not pulling their weight and finishing off their cleaning. Kay was notorious for being a slacker and she’d done a half-hearted attempt at washing the dishes. Mbali promptly confronted her about it.

While many may have thought it, because she was so helpful in the house, Mbali was no pushover. She continued to handle everyone and everything fairly and with aplomb.

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