April 08, 2015

Mbali Finds Housemates Gossiping about Her

Since Mbali and Chelsea received Sibu and Matthias's prize at the beginning of this week, tensions have always been high inside the Big Brother Mzansi house.

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Hunger strikes just like Hurricane Katrina and the end is anger among Biggie's housemates and just yesterday, the rich girl just like her fellows are now referring to her caught some of the housemates gossiping about her and surely this just didn't seem to amuse the lass.

Mbali made it clear to the housemates that she doesnot feel good when they behave this way, she reminded them that she's an adult and that she deserves some respect.

She further asked them to always feel free and talk to her about their issues concerning food other than talking behind her back.

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Atleast now the results of hunger are visible as the trouble makers continue struggling with empty stomachs.

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