April 19, 2015

Mbali And Chelsea’s Head of House Reign Cut Short

This evening on the live show of Big Brother Mzansi, Biggie has sprung the housemates with one of his famous twists. 

The big man decided to cut Chelsea and Mbali’s Head of House reign short pointing out there the post would remain vacant until further notice. 

Nervous laughter and snide remarks popped out from the living area where the gang was gathered. They wondered what the deal was now. 

A little birdie whispered in our ear that Biggie had a little something, something up his sleeves.

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  1. damm u selfish chelsea dis is not only ur game ur mouth is as wild and dirty like a pig go to hell......gaan huis toe

  2. #bb2tv so loving ntombace......smile and wave guys uskhokho sezoba rich