April 19, 2015

Mbali, Chelsea, Soxx and Tembi Unit To Make It To The Finale, But Will They?

Chelsea and Mbali have once again used their conspiracy booth privileges again while the house was quiet and everyone slept. They pulled Soxx and Tembi into the booth to discuss a bit of strategy to potentially get both pairs through to the final week. 

Chelsea suggested that if they become HoH they will save and replace Soxx and Tembi and vice versa should Soxx and Tembi win HoH. 

They also discussed K2 and Pumba's win from the previous Fridays games and they all tried to work out what it was that they had won. They wanted to expose their prize and force their hand by nominating them 

Trust was also a topic of conversation as Soxx warned the ladies that they should be careful of what they said around Pumba as he was not to be trusted. 

They also suggested voting Bongi and Khali as well as Kay and Pumba. Ntombi and Ace were also put under the microscope with Tembi opining that she did not buy into the "sweet act" from Ntombi

It is day 28 today and it being exactly half way through the season, the gloves are starting to come off as players start to strategize and work out their route to the end and the ultimate prize. 

Mbali and Chelsea know who their main competition is and they are doing their best to target K2, Blue, Ntombi and Ace to get them out of the way sooner rather than later. 

Is their strategy going to work and is it too early to place so much trust in Soxx and Tembi? Are Chelsea and Mbali underestimating the threat that they pose to them? They have been playing a hard game and are extremely strong competitors despite Mbali having to reign Chelsea in on the odd occassion. 

The game is now well and truly on as they were still smarting from their failure to win the free pass to the end on Friday night so they were doing everything they could to get themselves through to the final.

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