April 25, 2015

Mbali And Chelsea Receive Their Spa Treatment

Women never get tired of getting gifts, surprises and being pampered and just the feeling of getting something special is wonderful to them.

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This morning, Soxx called Chelsea, Mbali, Pumba and it was Kay’s first time receiving a spa treatment and she was so excited.  These housemates got the opportunity to indulge their senses and enjoyed a few hours well-earned break from the stresses of the house.

They enjoyed delightful fruit juices when they were treated to a morning of sensory stimulation but Kay was disappointed the drinks were non-alcoholic.

We wonder why Chelsea would choose Pumba and Kay to join them for a spa treatment since she does not really get along with Kay.  It because she’s been sharing kisses and a bed with Pumba.  We saw them getting relaxing and therapeutic massages, getting their toes done and looked like they were rejuvenated.

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Pumba was the only guy to get pampered and all the loved every single moment and paid attention to how everything was done and during her massage, Kay could not stop talking and was told by Mbali to relax and enjoy what was being done to her body.

After a well-deserved pampering all two pairs left the chill room refreshed and relaxed and were ready to face the world with added liveliness and energy.

Housemates get caught up with everyday things in the house, the sad and stressful weeks, pampering, getting their toes and nails done was indeed a great idea.  Pairs approach to the spa treatment was all about enjoyment, relaxation and having fun.

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