April 05, 2015

Matthias And Khali Involved In A Harsh Fight

Drama doesn't stop in Biggie’s house.  The house was thrown into chaos in the early hours of the morning when a fight erupted between Khali and Matthias. 
It was no secret that Matthias was no fan of Khali or Bongi as he told them that they going home today.  Khali could not contain her emotions and also publicly made her feelings about Matthias public knowledge.

Sibu and Bongi had to separate the feuding housemates in the most serious intervention.   Fighting between housemates that once seemingly got along well was unfortunate, yet common occurrence.  
When they clashed, it left many housemates in a state of shock and confusion and asked themselves what could have caused the fight?  Some squabbles burst out so quickly that you never see them coming.

Bexx woke up with a swollen lip and didn’t remember what happened but Ntombi claimed that she was the one who punched her for no reason.  K2’s love triangle got even more intense when Chelsea and Blue kissed.  Will it threaten to divide the house?

There’s just no love and peace in Biggie’s house.

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