April 05, 2015

Live Show: Matthias And Sibu Are Unhappy About Being Evicted

Sibu and Matthias were unhappy to be evicted from the show. "I think it is way too soon for Sibu and me to be evicted" said Matthias. A visibly upset Matthias voiced his displeasure at being evicted so soon. They unhappily sat through their highlights video.

Matthias told Lungile that he wanted Blue to win and he felt that she was an amazing woman. He said that he didn't fall in love in the house and that he felt that Chelsea  was just someone to cuddle with. 

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Sibu said "is the world going to end if my bed isn't made?" when being grilled about not making his bed. Matthias said that he was annoyed about being nominated and that he had been drunk when he had his altercation with Khali the night before but thet he stood by everything that he said and did in the house.

They were both surpised when they saw that Ntombi had nominated them. When asked to choose who they felt they wanted to win the prize they won in the Friday Night game challenge, after trying to get Lungile to tell them what prize they were giving up, they chose Mbali and Chelsea.

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