April 15, 2015

Live Feed: Day 24

21:00 It's been a fun practice session but now the dance instructors have to leave. Will everyone be able to master a dance routine on their own?

20:45 The housemates just took it old school. They're doing the Electric Slide!

20:30 Do like I do! It's time to open up a circle and show everyone else what moves you have. Can you do like i do?

20:00 Dancing isn't as easy as it looks. The dance instructors are showing everyone the dance moves that fit into their personality.

19:30 It's time for the housemates to take to the dancefloor. They've moved to the arena and are getting to know the dance instructor.

19:15 With Chef Gino gone, the housemates are flying solo with the baking task. Do you think they can pull it off?

18:57  Mbali reads out the Double or Nothing "Dance-off" challenge. there will be dance instructors coming in to help them and there will be videos set up in th earena for the housemates to go to to get inspiration. 

18:49  It's back to baking now that the housemates are clean.

18:24  Shower hour was brought forward so as to let teh muddy housemates clean themselves up.

18:02  Join the conversation using #BB2TV and #BBMudGames and tell us which housemtae is standing out for you.

17:41  "Into the mud, Into the mud" housemates have a wail of a time all having a mud bath. Biggie promises that shower hour will be soon. "We must stay dirty, we must stay dirty..."

17:31  Things are getting messy with Kay being dumped into the mud, much to her dismay.

17:12  Kay finally defeats Mbali, next up for her is Khali. Kay finally wins after taking a short break. 

17:00  Mbali takes on the girls, beating blue first, next is Ntombi whom she beats. Tembi is defeated as well, Mbali hunkers down and uses her low centre of gravity to be an immovable object.

16:51  Next up against Doxx is Ace who also fails to beat the Gladiator. Tembi rubs him down, preparing him for battle against Pumba who also fails.

16:40  The housemates have their GoPro cameras on. They start with their games, Soxx defeating K2 in a tug of war, Next up is Bongi and Soxx beats him too.

16:10  Mbali orchestrates the baking, sitting down and telling Ntombi what to do

15:50  Housemates don their chef gear and start with their baking wager.

15:44  K2 and Blue continue their flirtation and have their "private picnic", being left behind in the garden in their outfits. They are called inside to start baking.

15:30  Soxx wants to know how long it takes to make a cake. Mbali and soxx that they must work out a schedule for the baking of the cakes. 

15:16  K2 and Blue are in the diary room. K2 feels that they are the strongest pair in the house.

14:48  Khali and Bongi are in the diary room. The feel that the HoH pair are releaved that they do not have to save and replace in the nominations. They feel they got a "get out free" card. 

14:27  Soxx says that Mbali looks like Thelma from The Flintstones in her outfit.

14:15  Soxx and Tembi are next up in the diary room, Soxx wants to be addressed as "Great Elephant" and Tembi feels like everybody is going to win the wager.  Biggie asks them how they would feel if Biggie rationed the alcohol for another week, Soxx is not happy about that. Tembi says "I have the best partner ever."

13:58  Ace and Ntombi are in  the diary room. Ace says that Ntombi is being moody. They feel that the girls are untidy.

13:46  Soxx navigates the obstacle course, or "Soxxstacle" course.

13:37  Chelsea and Mbali discusses Khali's attitude towards being told that she has to be a Buffalo. They feel that Bongi and Khali like trying to test them with snide comments. They feel that Khali and Bongi are threatened by them. They feel that Blue and K2 are their biggest threat. 

13:12  Tembi explains what she is making while Mbali is on a cleaning mission. Kay and Pumba are called into the diary room. There is a sound problem as Kay and Pumba cannot hear Biggie. Pumba says that he has eaten too much today. Pumba feels that the wager is going well.

12:52  Blue and K2 share an intimate lunch.

12:44  Bongi talks Dolphins. Ace sits on his own eating.

12:23  "Yoh, there's only twelve of us left" says Chelsea. Ace replies "Ja, things are getting serious in here." Lunch is served.

11:54  Housemates go through the ingredients for the cake.

11:36  Chelsea reads out the challenge to bake and create a cake as pairs. They have to make an animal of the big 5 that they most relate to. Biggie announces that the storeroom is now open. 

11:29  Soxx comes behind Tembi while she is painting and hugs her while planting a kiss on her cheek. Chelsea cleans up in the kitchen. Things are quiet yet a bit uneasy in the house. 

11:12  Ace cooks while Tembi gets her creative juices flowing by painting her pants.

11:03  Kay needs the toilet and begs Biggie to open the door. 

10:35  Chelsea and Tembi talk clothing and Chelsea says that she will go to Japan to shop for clothing.

10:15  Sign up to the VIP section on the official Big Brother Mzansi:Double Trouble website, it costs only R100.00 and open up a world of exclusive content such as behind the scenes footage, artist interviews and a whole host more. 

10:00 Mbali puffs pillows and gets down to some matronly tidying-up. Has anyone seen her counterpart Cheslea? 

09:36 Biggie feeds Ace's soul with some upbeat Kwaito music as he dances and shimmies around in the kitchen.

09:20 Mbali advises Ntombi not to be too shy to have her relationship with out in public. She tells her she mustn't let people's opinions stop her from kissing her own boyfriend among them. 

09:01 It's a rather quiet morning today as some housemates go on about their morning routing after a grueling workout, while others sleep in.

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