April 14, 2015

Live Feed: Day 23

21:00 Ace, Soxx and Chelsea share stories about their experiences during the Big Brother audtitions.

20:45 Kay is not pleased about how Biggie's obstacles have made things difficult for her.

20:30 Tembi, Mbali and Chelsea are taking part in some post-dinner chit-chat. Soxx secretly hopes that they'll get some alcohol but so far nothing from Biggie.

20:00 Bongi really knows how to pack away his food. After the heart meal made by Khali he's now diving into a rather generous helping of cake and ice cream.

19:45 Nothing makes Ace happier than Ntombi and a hot meal. Tonight he has both and he can't hide his joy

19:00 Dinner is served! Khali's meal looks rather interesting but that isn't stopping the housemates from digging in.

18:00 Khali takes over the kitchen as she prepares a big dinner for her fellow housemates.

17:00 As part of the Wild week, housemates are required to make their way through the obstacles when moving from one room to the next.

15:45 As part of Wild week, each pair will need to choose a flat rock canvas and paint cavemen drawings depicting all current housemates in the house.

15:25 Biggie asks HoH Mbali and Chelsea about taking advantage of their conspiracy booth privileges. Mbali doesn't want people to know that they are using it so she suggests a time when everyone is asleep. Chelsea prefers conspiring openly.

15:08 Kay is adamant on testing Mzansi's love for her via being up for eviction but Pumba doesn't want any of it. "I saw how happy Soxx was when he heard that he had been saved from eviction," Kay said.

15:00 Pumba says Ntombi & Ace and Soxx & Tembi are the weakest pairs. Kay says she'd rather focus on her game than finger-point. "I believe Ntombi & Ace are very strong," Kay emphasizes. 

14:30 Ntombi and Ace tell Biggie that the house is getting real. "I am a snake, I'm dangerous," Ntombi tells Biggie.

14:10 "You need to stop eating people's leftovers. It makes you look like a human trashcan," Khali calls Bongi to order just before their diary session. "Trouble in paradise..." Biggie intercepts.

14:02 Tembi says she has nothing to say to her ex-partner while Soxx gives a hearty shoutout to his ex-partner. "Just do you, just do you good. We are exes and that's how it is," Tembi addresses her ex, Adams.

13:52 Tembi says she's ecstatic to have been given a chance to continue playing the game. Soxx says he misses his sister but wouldn't have chosen a better partner than Tembi, given the circumstances.

13:40 It's time for diaries and Big Brother asks Blue and K2 about their Wild theme outfits. "I feel like Rambo," K2 says. Blue tells Biggie that her personal relationship with K2 has been shaken a bit but they will be fine.

13:15 After numerous guesses, the housemates finally complete their dung challenge.

12:30  Housemates get to work on their animal dung task. Ostrich, cheetah, lion cub, hyena, zebra, giraffe are some of the animal dung they have to analyse.

12:15 Mbali reads out the first task. Housemates' sense of touch, smell and sight will be tested as they have to pair animal dung to the correct animals. 

11:10 As they walk out of the diary room, Chelsea tells Mbali that she dreamt of her 'not being there' for her. Mbali tells her to just be straight with her. "I think you're dreaming what you feel but scared of saying it."

11:00 "This week housemates will be challenged with The Wild", Chelsea reads out the week's wager. They wager 100 percent.

10:45  Ace, Mbali and Tembi talk about their families and how many siblings they each have.

10:30  Housemates are chilling outside just talking about old tv programmes and the stars that were on the shows.

10:15  Tembi starts on prepping lunch for the Housemates.

10:00  Blue and Kay help Mbali with her hair making sure its in place and neat.

09:45  Tembi is being a good partner this morning and brings Soxx breakfast in bed.

09:30  When Biggie announces that the hot water is no longer available, Mbali tells the other girls that Kay is the only girl who does not like to take a shower.

09:15  Tembi rubbing lotion on Soxx’s back in the bedroom.

09:00  After their workout, Pumba and Bongi are rapping on the patio while they having breakfast.

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