April 13, 2015

Live Feed: Day 22

20:48 Pumba and Bongi agree that this is going to be a tough week without booze. 

20:30 Is Ntombi falling asleep in the middle of Khali's storytelling?

20:00 Khali tells some of the girls that societu often places unfair expectations on women. 

19:45 Chelsea, K2 and Adams share a bar of chocolate and reminisce over Gino and Tiffini. 

19:30 Chelsea gets some tipps from K2 on how to  be a good HoH and she reveals that Tiffini had a crush on him.  

18:57  Blue and Ntombi clean up the kitchen. Outside the housemates ask each other questions: "Are you missing Gino?" "NO" 

18:39  Chelsea says "I don't like bald guys, you must be able to flourish with your hair." Chelsea says that Gino told her that he really likes her.  

18:17  Khali and Bongi are in their diary session, Khali says that she is happy that Gino and Tiffini are out of the house. Bongi feels that it was an exciting weekend. Bongi says that he was surprised about the strikes and what had been going on. 

18:06  Adams and Tembi are in the diary room and they discuss the week that has been. Adams feels that things are better now and everyone has cleared the air now. 

17:43  Soxx and Bexx discuss their weekend with Biggie. Soxx says that he felt disturbed for Bexx. Bexx says that she enjoyed the weekend despite whatr happened. Bexx feels bad about how drunk she was and she says that she must slow down the alcohol intake. 

17:35  Kay and Pumba have their diary session, Pumba is peeved about not being able to take part in the HoH challenge. Kay is upset with Bexx and feels that she deserves a strike. 

17:16  Ace and Ntombi are in the diary room. Ace feels strongly about the strike and Ntombi is worried about her leg. Ace feels that Bexx got Ace and Ntombi a strike. Ace says he hates the sight of Bexx. 

17:01  Chelsea and Mbali have their diary session and they are elated to be HoH

16:47  Adams Bongi and Bexx enjoy some jacuzzi time.

16:31  Chelsea and Mbali are HoH winning the challenge.

16:26  the teams have to navigate an obstacle course and the winning team captains will be HoH and they will have conspiracy privileges for their team.

16:16  Housemates get the GoPro cameras and gather in the living room. Pumba reads out the challenge for HoH.

16:04  "You know, we all have that guy who we really want to date but is your best friend" says Mbali

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15:42  Ntombi sings while Chelsea cooks the chicken, Mbali talks about polygamist relationships. 

15:24  Chelsea cooks and outside Mbali discusses family. 

15:06  Mbali says that she has not been to many weddings as weddings don't really happen in her family.

14:44  Khali discusses the concept of lobola.  

14:30  Ntombi, Ace and Chelsea discuss food in the kitchen

14:17  Blue and K2 are bonding and getting closer. 

13:53  Housemates tether themselves to each other. Chelsea, Mbali, Ace and Ntombi all go through to the next round.

13:49  Each pair are to tether themselves to their partners. As thye buzzer sounds, the pair will have successfully untangle themselves and get themselves to the other side. 

13:45  Mbali is still discussing getting accounts and how easy it is to get credit. Biggie tells the housemates (except for Kay and Pumba) to go to the arena for the HoH challenge. 

13:34  Mbali discusses having to pay taxes on the winnings. 

13:11  Mbali reads out the HoH challenge, a "Rope Tangle" challenge. Mbali explains it to Ntombi. 

12:55  Kay answers the red phone and it spells misfortune for her and Pumba. They are not allowed to take place in the HoH challenge today "Ah, me and my partner, ushem, we are not allowed to take place in the HoH challenge today"

12:45  Adams gathers a crowd of appreciative housemates. "I'm a changed man, I'm no more vulgar" 

12:33  Adams strums his guitar while Blue lounges on the hammock. Kay makes way for K2. Snuggle time. 

12:09  Bongi and Khali are next in the diary room for their nominations. they choose K2 and Blue. Bongi finds them not very interesting. Khali says that they are two-faced.

12:05  Ace and Ntombi choose Tembi and Adams. Ntombi feels that Tembi is not real and Ace says that they are always saved by HoH, he wants to feel the pressure of the nominations. 

12:01  K2 and Blue nominate Ace and Ntombi. They both feel that Ace is disrespectful to everyone and especially Ntombi. Blue also feels that Ntombi is not strong enough for the game and that she is always sick. 

11:55  Tembi and Adams choose Ace and Ntmobi, Adams says that Ace has been getting on his nerves and both said that Ace did not man up to his actions. She says that Ace does not treat Ntombi who is the mother of his child.

11:46  Bexx and Soxx choose K2 and Blue because they have the immunity but Biggie will not accept that reason as it is pure speculation. Blue says that K2 is manipulative, Soxx feels that they are a threat and that they are bonding and that they are becoming very influential.

11:39  Chelsea and Mbali both nominate Ace and Ntombi mainly because Ace has upset "more than four people in the house." Kay and Pumba are next in for their nominations. They choose Adams and Tembi, Pumba feels that Adams it is disturbing to have someone like him in the house, Kay sees them as threats. She feels that if they leaves he will feel safe in the house and she feels jealous of them. Kay is warned by Biggie to give good reasons. 

11:29  Adams, K2, Blue and Bongi all choose Ace and Ntombi giving various reasons, the main reason that Ace did not man up to what he did. Ntombi chooses Tembi and Adams as she feels that Tembi is two-faced and Khali chooses Blue and K2. 

11:06  Tembi is in for her nomination session. She chooses Ace and Ntombi, she feels that Ace did not follow the rules and he felt that he has disrespected evryone.  

11:00  Bexx is next up and she feels that Pumba and Kay must leave and she feels like Kay is a bully and did not like the way they ran the house during the last week as HoH

10:58  Pumba is next up. He chooses Ace and Ntombi and he feels that Ace does not do anything in the house and he feels that Ntombi is not physically strong. ,  

10:54  Kay has her individual nomination, she chooses Bexx and Soxx "I don't like them" 

10:51   Mbali is called in for her individual nomination. She nominates Ace and Ntombi, she feels that Ace was not honest in his apology. 

10:49  Chelsea nominates Ace for his disrespect towards women and she says he has no manners, says that he does not contributed towards the house. 

10:38  K2 to Blue "I  can't pretend that everything is okay when it is not." "The only person I am worried about is you."

10:21  The housemates all chat, Ace hang back on his own and Ntombi, grave-faced walks past him, ignoring him. Relationships need to be rebuilt.

10:05  The housemates ask for the music to be turned up. Bongi grooves to hip hop while eating. 

09:30  Ntombi is sitting alone looking sad and maybe feels betrayed by what her partner did.

09:15  Housemates are having breakfast cooked by yours trully Chelsea.

09:00  This morning we woke up with the news of two siblings Gino and Tiffini being evicted from Big Brother house and it was business as usual for remaining housemates.

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