April 11, 2015

Live Feed: Day 20

00:00  Blue tell Mbali and Bexx about how she hustled to build her portfolio as a model while others play an interesting game.

23:45  Kay and Ace about buying underwear before they got into Big Brother house.

23:30  Tiffini stood outside the toilet and waited for Pumba to get out.

23:00  Party is over for housemates and only realized now that it was Dj Clock on decks.

22:57  Mbali can surely tjukutja and Kay is having problems with her constume as she tries to dance.

22:52  Blue can't take the tension anymore and goes to her partner to try and cheer him up but he still looked distant.

22:41  Soxx can't remove his hands off Bongi's weave.

22:23  Bongi knows how to rock that weave his wearing.

22:15  K2 is not enjoying himself and Ace tries to cheer him up.

22:00  It's disco time for housemates and they hit to the dance floor.

21:30  Housemates put on their American accents.

21:00  Housemates get ready for the themed party and put on their disco costumes.  Guys are more excited than the girls.

20:24  Kay summons housemates to go inside the house and has a crate full of wigs and clothes for the party tonight.

20:15  Housemates talk about their clan names and what they mean.

20:00  Soxx thinks people take advantage of him because his a nice guy.

19:45  K2 and Ace talk about when he was in rehab and how drugs damaged his teeth.

19:30  Blue feels that Kay is stubborn and does not want hear what other people have to say.

19:15  Tiffini tells Pumba that she never thought she would get dance lessons form Khali.

19:00  Blue tells K2 that he's very impatient but wants her to be with her.  He walked away and told her that he does not wanna hear what she has to say.

18:45  K2 and Blue plan on winning HoH next week and explains how immunity works.

18:19  Bexx tells Chelsea that she can't wait for tonight's party because she wants to get drunk and Chelsea wants to go wild.

17:45  Khali shows Chelsea, Tiffini and Bexx some dance move.

17:30  Soxx twerks for housemates.

17:00 Lunch is served! The chisa-nyama meal is finally ready and Gino, Ace and Khali did a great job

16:20 New friends, Mbali and Blue, are getting ready rather early for tonight's party with DJ Clock.

15:50 Bexx gets her groove on and dances to Biggies music.

15:30 Adams and Tembi are chilling on the hammock. Adams says Ace is getting on his nerves and it's only a matter of time before he sleeps with Bexx.

15:15 Bongi and Khali are in a great mood. They've forgotten all about the tiff in the morning and they're dancing they're butts off in the kitchen.

15:10 That Bonnie & Clyde love. Ace and Ntombi help themselves to meat straight off the braai.

14:50 Ace has taken over the braai and is displaying expert skills braaing the meat. The role also gives him the opportunity to steal a piece or two.

14:30 Gino has fired up the braai and is preparing what looks like it'll be a great treat for everyone.

14:15 Khali is done with her meal; a rather interesting looking scrambled eggs and atchar roll. Adams gives an impassioned performance of Kelly Clarkson.

14:00 Khali works her magic in the kitchen and shows Bongi some cooking tips. Atleast she's no longer mad at him over the breakfast incident.

13:45 Healthy mind, body and soul! Ace takes some time to workout on the stairs.

13:30 Bongi and Soxx debate how true a movie they've watched is. Chelsea and Mbali are still sharing stories from their childhood.

13:10 Bexx and Mbali are chilling on the sofa indulging in some girl talk. The two girls have been getting along pretty well lately.

12:45 The shopping is done and dusted. It'll be interesting to see if there will even be space for all that extra food!

12:15 The housemates are doing their shopping for the week but there are a few questions about what's shared with everyone else and what they get to keep.

11:45 It's all love as everyone sits together outside and shares stories over breakfast. Chelsea and Mbali share their champagne from their spa date with everyone else.

11:30 Finally everyone starts to stir.. Chelsea and Mbali's spa treatment is done and the girls look refreshed. Some of the other housemates are making breakfast. 

11:15 Pumba and Bongi are up and hovering around the kitchen looking for something to eat.

11:00 Chelsea and Mbali use their quiet time in the spa as a chance to chat freely about everything going on. Everyone else is still fast asleep.

10:15 Biggie plays some smooth tunes for the housemates. It's playing loudly but no one is waking up regardless.

10:00 The waking up was well worth it for Chelsea and Mbali. The girls are getting the spa treatment that Chelsea won last night. 

09:45 Biggie summons Chelsea and Mbali to the diary room. They're not too pleased to be woken up.

09:00 Rise and shine... or maybe not. Not a single housemate is awake as they all comfortably sleep in.

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