April 10, 2015

Live Feed: Day 19

20:45 Chelsea points out that K2 and Blue are the power couple.

20:25 Bue2 wins the Friday Night Games!

20:03 Housemates are summoned back to the arena for the second round where the thee pairs must take part in a game called "Sticky Situation". 

19:45 Mbali and Chelsea, Adams and Tembi as well as Blue and K2 make it with just enough time to head on to the next round.

19:15 Pumba and Kay go first and it takes them just under a minute to knock tyres over. 

19:03 Housemates make their way into the arena for tonight's Friday Night Games. 

18:42 Chelsea wakes from her nap and helps herself to a meal prepared by Tiffini.

18:19 Moments later Soxx whisks Tiffini up in the air and spins her around. 

17:45 Soxx mounts Khali and gives her a massage. 

17:25 K2 tells Blue he won't stand for a girlfriend who doesn't cook. You know, in case she needed the heads-up. 

17:00 Tiffini os back to preparing her usual tasty meals. 

16:00  Housemates talking about dressing and some of the ladies say they dont like dressing up.  Soxx was surprised by that.

14:52  While relaxing in bed, K2 asks Blue if she can be her boyfriend and that he is ready for a relationship with her.

14:20  Tembi sobs as she knows that her and Adams are over

13:57  Tembi is not happy with Adams, "no, you can't play the I don't know card, now?" 

13:45  Ladies of the house talk about cars.

13:30  K2 and Pumba plan on not washing dishes tonight.

13:15  Soxx tells Tiffini and Chelsea that he cant wait to taste Gino's food.

13:00  Ace wants to chill with Ntombi but she tells him she has to go and clean the shower.

12:45  Housemates feeling tired but decide to clean the house and make food.

12:30  Chelsea as the third round winner, she spins the wheel and chose her best friend mbali to go with her for a spa treatment.

12:15  Bexx, Soxx, Ace, Adams and Chelsea make it to the second round of the challenge.

12:00  Housemates go to the Arena for the Double or Nothing challenge and Biggie reads out the rules.

11:45  K2 complains to Mbali that the Ninja's squashed their bread.

11:30  Housemates gather in the lounge so Pumba can read to them the double or nothing  challenge for today.

11:15  Ntombi and Mbali talk about how they went to bed and that Mbali was the last person to go bed and had to be picked up from the couch by a housemate.

11:05  Ace eats an apple with tobasco souce to cure his hangover.

11:00  Everyone is waking up.

10:35  Tembi joins Pumba and Khali outside with her breakfast.

10:25  Khali serves Bongi breakfast in bed and goes outside to chill with Pumba.  They talk about Pumba's relationship with Tiffini and he tells her that he likes her but has some weird tendencies.

10:15  HoH Pumba cleans the house while Khali makes breakfast.

10:00  Chelsea looks like she has a hangover from hell.

09:45  Khali tells Pumba that some of the guys will need to help out with the dishes cause some of them are not theirs.

09:30  Khali plan on making breakfast for everyone and asks Pumba for adviced.

09:15  Pumba and K2 are cleaning up the house and talk about extra bread they received last night, that needed to be put in the fridge.

09:00  Some housemates could not wake up morning for their morning exercise after a big-time boozing last night.

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