April 09, 2015

Live Feed: Day 18

10:26 Asking what the hell has Tembi done?

10:14 Ntombi and Bexx enjoy left overs of their meal from last night.

09:41 Breakfast has arrived and today it's toast and an omelette. Mbali and Chelsea hide it from a curious Ntombi.

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09:38 Looks like housemates are warming up to the protein shakes as Mbali, Gino and K2 tell each other which is their favourite.

09:17 Tiffini and Mbali join Chelsea for a morning skinner in the bathtub.

09:07 Housemates are enjoying a smoke out by the garden while Cheslea does some more showing-off about her travels as a air hostess on the outside. Happy birthday Khali.

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