April 08, 2015

Live Feed: Day 17

15:45 Tiffini admits that she'd like to pursue a relationship with Ex when she leaves the house while Gino says he has the hots for Mbali but won't try because she's "very proper" and has a boyfriend on the outside.

15:30 Gino believes the housemates are now more cautious around him and don't view him and his sister as a weak couple anymore.

15:15 Kay still isn't ahppy about the liquid diet but Pumba is taking it as a challenge.

15:00 Blue and K2 head into the diary room for their diary session. K2 reveals he's feeling much better thanks to some TLC from Blue.

14:45 Ntombi explains to Ace what she believes the final will look like. Two couples battling it out for the R2million. Could she be right?

14:15 The housemates are all smiles after having some much needed food courtesy of Chelsea and Mbali.

13:45 It's shisanyama time and the girls have bought the platter for the housemates at R800.

13:15 Asked about sacrifice in life, Mbali says she had to give up three jobs for BB Mzansi while Chelsea says she had to care for an ailing grandmother a few years ago. Wearing all-black, the girls say it's All Black Wednesday.

13:00 Soxx tells Biggie that he's not feeling good because he was nominated on Monday and dumped on Tuesday. Bexx says she and Adams are just Big Brother companions; "just nje for loneliness of the show," she adds.

12:45 Tembi tells Biggie that she can't be liking Soxx under the circumstances. She tells Adams that he should be careful around Pumba. Tembi's look though when Adams tells her he enjoys Bexx' attention.

12:30 Ntombi tells Biggie that being in the BB Mzansi is her biggest sacrifice while Ace counts his failure to continue with his soccer career.

12:20 It's diary session time and Ntombi and Ace go first. Biggie is concerned about Ntombi and Ace's nightmares.

11:50 Ntombi relates her bad dream to Ace while some housemates sing 'Phumakim' while dancing in front of the mirror.

11:15 It's time for the housemate's task and all they have to do is each throw a ball into a hole three times but it's not as simple as it seems.

11:10 The housemates channel their inner Westside and discuss Tupac and his influence on people and pop culture.

11:00 Pumba reads out today's task for the housemates and Kay instructs the housemates on appropriate behaviour during the challenge.

10:30 Kay isn't taking half measures and is making sure everyone does a thorough job with the cleaning.

10:15 Under the orders of King Kay, the housemates are partaking in some spring cleaning and making sure every corner of the house is spotless.

10:00 Looks like there'll be no food for the housemates this morning so they're making another batch of protein shakes.

09:30 Biggie has put the mobile kitchen in the garden. This morning it's an R80 breakfast but Mbali won't even let the housemates see the plate let alone eat it. It looks like it's going to be a long day!

09:00 The struggle continues for the housemates as they brave through another day of the dreaded liquid diet.

Gino, Tiffini, Mbali, Chelsea, Soxx and Bexx are up for eviction. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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