April 07, 2015

Live Feed: Day 16

18:50 Ace, Soxx and Pumba are leading the boys with their nifty football juggling skilks

18:25 Khali comes in second with Bexx doing the best at the football juggling trick.

18:00 Blue checks in on K2.

17:20  Shooting practise. Chelsea looks perturbed.

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16:44  Bongi and Khali have their diary session. They discuss Mbali and Chelsea and the rest of the housemates.

16:33  Adams and Tembi are in the diary room, Adams is tired and says that he feels much better after getting breakfast from Chelsea and Mbali.

16:24  Chelsea and Mbali feel better today than yesterday. They feel that the housemates understand their reasons. They feel that they do not know what the public is feeling.

16:16 The housemates are getting competitive

16:05  The four a-side football games are in full flow.

15:49  Everyone is in the living room, Kay reads the task. The housemates are to play soccer towards their wager,. Pumba suggests four teams of four each. Biggie announces that the store room is open.

15:29  Gino, Tiffini, Mbali, Chelsea, Soxx and Bexx are up for eviction. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

15:14  Blue and K2 discuss how K2 is feeling. They discuss the breakfast that Chelsea and Mbali gave them. K2 feels like the breakfast was because the housemates forced their hands.

14:51  Gino and Tiffini feel that the atmosphere is better in the house than yesterday. The breakfast his morning from Chelsea and Mbali seems to have helped.

14:40  Ace and Ntombi go through to their diary session. "Yo Biggie, this eviction thing is a painfull thing." Ace felt that he was going to be nominated. Ace discusses his altercation with Mbali and still feels confused over what happened yesterday.

14:33  Kay and Pumba say that everyone is participating with them as HoH, Kay says that nothing has changed with the chores. Kay said that swapping Soxx and Bexx was difficult but that it was not personal.

14:17  Today is game time in the house, Soxx and Bexx are in the diary room and Soxx says he feels terrified that he is up for eviction, he says that he wants to be the spokesman for disabled people in the house. He does not hold any animosity towards the HoH for putting them up for nomination.

13:50  The houesmates are all tired, some sleeping, some are snuggled up on the hammock having a heart to heart.

13:04  Blue pretends to cry, Kay playfights her on her bed.

12:43  Mbali and Chelsea discuss whether or not they are going to allow the housemates to take advantage of Biggie's kitchen.

12:29 The complicated hand game has Ace, Adams and Tiffini all tangled up.

12:13  Biggie sends th housemates indoors and the y have to shut the doors. Adams strums his guitar and the housemates burst out into song.

12:00  The houesmates are playing a clapping game outside

11:15 The housemates were excited to learn that their first task is a Tether Ball Challenge.

11:06  HoH Pumba reads out the task. Big Brother has decided to call this week an "All Ball" week as housemates will continue to face challenges based on balls. They wager 100 percent.

10:25  Breakfast is served by Mbali and Chelsea.

10:15  Bexx tells Adams that she feels bad about yesterday and that she hates shakes.

10:00  Housemates are having Amagwinya and Polony for breakfast.

09:45  Mbali claims that she is not far from looking like Beyonce's sister Solange.

09:15  Pumba and Bongi are talking about their high school experiences.

09:00  Kay tells the guys to clean up the kitchen.

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