April 06, 2015

Live Feed: Day 15

21:00 Tiffini and Gino share with Biggie how they feel Pumba overreacted during the Head of House challenge.

20:40 Ace and Ntombi aren't impressed with Mbali and Chelsea. The protein diet is not on with them and they think it was an unfair decision to not even offer the housemates even one meal a day.

20:17 Pumba reveals during his diary session that he doesn't trust Tiffini and he thinks she may be using him. Kay refuses to continue starving and declares that she'll steal food from the mobile kitchen any chance she gets.

19:14 Big Brother is going over the house rules and reminding the housemates to be mindful of their behaviour. Biggie feels the housemates are taking the offense and prejudice rule is being taken lightly and gives the housemates a stern warning. Biggie then warns Khali about her outburst and the offensive language she used when she had an altercation with Matthias.

18:51  Bongi and Khali are in the diary room. They discuss Sibu and how they were surprised as to how arrogant he became.

18:39  Will Kay and Pumba use their Conspiracy Booth privileges and will they save any couple from nominations? Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198.

18:20  The housemates all sit around and relax after the game. Gino and Pumba shake hands and hug, what happens on the field stays on the field.

17:50  With the Blue team ahead, the second game. Tiffini tries to calm a visibly upset Gino. Biggie has to tell the housemates playing that they need to move around. The Blue team win the second game and this means that Kay and Pumba are this weeks Head of House.

17:34  The first game is underway. The bounce into each other and do their best to score a goal. Gino accidentally knocks Pumba over and things get heated. Gino tries to apologize but Pumba does not accept it. Biggie eventua;lly stops the game so that they can calm down.

17:25  Housemates are in the arena for the second half of the #BBHoH qualifier. They choose their teams playground style. Four member of Team Blue will play against four members of Team Yellow. Two games of ten minutes each, should there be a tie after the two games then they will play until one team wins.

16:53  Chelsea chats to Gino "I really do not care about these people noe, it's really just game on" "You're the only man in this house, all th eother little boys don't know how to behave."

16:13  Who should be Head of House?

16:07  Pumba asks Mbali whether or not it was a good strategy to isolate herself upstairs. She says that she needs to be on her own at the moment as she is very upset.

16:00  Mbali and Chelsea return to a quiet house, the culprits who sneaked away the cake keeping quiet like naughty school kids. Biggie announces that the store room is open.

15:48  Gino, Ace, Ntombi and company sneakily eat the cake.

15:25  Chelsea and Mbali have their diary session. Chelsea talks up against violence. The Hunger Games are well and truly underway. Waterworks from both Chelsea and Mbali. Biggie asks some interesting questions about the prize and how they are now marked.

15:22  In an event filled day, lest we forget: Happy Birthday Bongi...

15:06  Chelsea and Mbali talk about Ace, Mbali is crying because she hurt her finger when Ace tried to grab the food. Is she miliking it or is she really hurt?

14:57  who do you think should be HoH?

14:40  Who do you want to run the house this week between Pumba, Kay and Khali and birthday boy, Bongi?

14:35  Pumba and Kay win but Ace and Ntombi and Khali and Bongi are tied, so they throw again. Ace and Ntombi both miss the target and the sack falls off. Khali hits the target and Bongi also hits the target, they prgress to the next round.

14:32  The hoH challenge is underway.

14:26  Join the conversation and send your Happy Birthday shoutouts to Bongi using #BBHBD #BBMzansi

14:21  Biggie reads out the HoH challenge. A beam has been set up and has three points painted on it.

13:48  Bongi gets a special surprise from Biggie, protein bars... he shares with everyone. Ace reads the package

13:29  Missing Matthias and Sibu, follow Matthias on Facebook and Sibu on Facebook, Sibu on Twitter

13:16  Adams sings "Money is the root of all evil"... subtle.

13:02  The housemates go outside and there is a cake stand for Bongi's birthday, the cake is R1000.00, tough decision for the girls.

12:52  Biggie wishes Bongi birthday. The housemates burst out into song. Adams serenades Bongi and he sings,

12:47  Love-birds Khali and Bongi get closer. Biggie calls the housemates indoors and to close the doors. "When you hear the wind break, don't blame me, blame the protein shake"

12:28  Ace, Pumba Gino and Kay discuss Matthias and Sibu and how Matthias changed when he was drunk. They say that "fake people always show their true colours when they are drunk"

12:14  Khali wants to move beds. Chelsea snuggles with Tiffini, "I can't stand the sight of Tembi, she is so..." Chelsea quips. 

11:51  Soxx and Bexx nominate Chelsea and Mbali. The common consensus is that R10 000.00 is too little an amount of money to make everyone starve. Tembi and Adams are next up, they nominate Mbali and Chelsea.

11:40  Chelsea and Mbali nominate Tembi and Adams. Chelsea feels that Tembi is sneaky and that Adams has no respect for women and their privacy Mbali fins that Adams has no respect for women. Pumba and Kay are next in and nominate Mbali and Chelsea, Kay is not happy with the food issue and finds that they are selfish. Pumba says that they are direct competition.  

11:32  Blue and K2 nominate Chelsea and Mbali, they feel that they are selfish and have made a mistake with keepint he R10 000.00 at the expense of everyone else. Gino and Tiffini choose Tembi and Adams. Tiffini feels that Adams makes her feel uncomfortable, Gino feels that Tambi is unapproachable

11:23  Bongi and Khali nominate Chelsea and Mbali. Khali feels they are not being smart and Bongi feels that they should have taken the choice of using the money for their food. Ace and Ntombi choose Soxx and Bexx,

11:13  Ace jokingly complains about the food situation while singing an amusing Happy Birthday song to Bongi.

11:05 K2 announces that housemates will be getting the items they ordered barring any food items. He tells housemates to asks Mbali and Chelsea for food.

10:45 The topic of cheating pilots and sext air hostesses comes up.

10:22 Housemates talk movies downstairs, but does anyone know were the royal duchess, Blue, may be hiding? 

10:00 Mbali gives housemates a right lecture about will power and stealing food that would come out of thier cash prize.

09:38 Mbali reveals that she knows what Tembi and Soxx get upto in bed because she has the perfect view.

09:20 Looks like Bongi is having a tough time adjusting his mind to the fact that breakfast was make up of all liquid and protein shakes. On his birthday nogal. Happy Birthday buddy.

09:00 A mouthy Soxx and the rest of the yawning housemates couldn't believe just how gruesome this morning's trainor could be! Looks like it's going to be a tough week ahead.
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