April 05, 2015

Live Feed: Day 14

18:30  Tembi sings ABBA while Mbali helps with make-up.

17:50  Are Ace and Ntombi the cutest couple in the house?

17:40  A confident Sibu says that he didn't pack. Matthias and Sibu have their first nominations session with Biggie

17:18  Bongi and Khali are in the diary room for their first nomination session. They discuss how they feel about being nominated

17:00  Tune in to Mzansi Magic channel 161 tonight at 20:00 for the live eviction show to see who is going home between Sibu, Matthias, Bongi and Khali.

16:22  Soxx quotes Tupac while Mbali does her make-up.

16:10  "The fact that I can be in the house without make-up on is a big deal" Tiffini and Mbali talk about vanity

15:59  All is quiet in the house, the housemates are all pensive with the threat of evictions hanging heavy over the two pairs.

13:18  Blue tells Matthias that he was wrong for doing what he did to Khali last night.

12:00  Housemates are in search of cigarettes.

11:30  Does not regret anything he said to her last night and does not feel it’s necessary to pull a race card on him.

11:26  Matthias and Khali are in talking terms and they discussing what happened between the two of them last night and they laugh about it.

11:00  Adams jams for bored housemates.

10:15  Nominated housemates get their hair done.

09:52  Bexx has a swollen lip and doesnt know what happened and she tells Adams that she is embarrassed about her lip.

09:45  Pumba and Adams discuss what happened last night.

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