April 04, 2015

Live Feed: Day 13

20:41 Kay laughs until her eyes water and stomach brings her to her knees all because Ace made light out of the cigarette situation.

20:27 The itch for a smoke is getting awkward...

20:05 Mbali and Sibu talk about thier experience behind the stage on the first live show.

19:50 Housemates enjoy a scrumptious supper.

19:34 Adams and Tembi play around like borther and sister.

19:24 Chelsea and Matthias get close and tease one another. These two and their love-hate relationship...

18:53 Bexx and Blue can't believe how lip-smackingkly yummy Ace's meat tastes.

18:34 Mbalu promises to show Durbanite Chelsea a good time in Joburg when they get out.

18:00 Adams and Tembi get all flirtatious with one another. But the would never take it there, they're just friends. Or are they...?

17:40 While the girls attend to their hair and make-up inside, the guys sizzle some yummy braai vleis outside. Hello Saturday night!

17:20 The girls get excited for the party tonight as they dance about the closet. Mbali and Blue undo Chelsea's braids.

16:06  Chelsea is trying to annoy Matthias because he called her childish on thursday.

15:33  Housemates are having lunch.

15:10  Ntombi and Matthias talk about Chelsea who does not want to clean the toilet.

14:35  Matthias says that people wanna consume its there.

14:30  Mbali tells Matthias that people in the house are trying to cause drama to get some tv time.

14:00  Man of the house Gino is washing dishes.

13:50  Housemates fight over who has to buy what.

13:28  Adams and Sibu are jamming.

13:00  Housemates are doing their grocery shopping.

12:56  Sibu tells Kay she is greedy.

12:54  Housemates are discussing their shopping list.

12:31  Adams tells K2 that his secretly in love with all the girls in the house and K2 says he wants to sleep with some of them.
12:00  Sibu brags to his housemates about his spa treatment.
11:15  Matthias complains about Soxx and Ace who do not do anything in the house and that K2 must take charge and get someone to wash the dishes.

11:02  Sibu gets his spa treatment.

10:58  Matthias asked Blue if she likes him or just pretending.

10:20  Housemates discuss old school music.

09:00  Pumba was the first housemate to wake up and when others woke up they looked not well rested.

Sibu, Matthias, Bongi and Khali are up for eviction this week. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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