April 03, 2015

Live Feed: Day 12

19:25  The housemates hang around waiting to be called into the Arena for Friday night games. Biggie finally calls them through to the Arena,.
18:57  "I would just like to say, me and Blue are now a couple" K2 tells the house. Matthias's face drops.

18:45 Blue is stroaking a miserable looking K2. There are fifteen minutes to go to the arena games.

18:37  Chelsea duscusses how safe it is to walk around in foreign cities. "It's just luck man" Bongi says that people living in so called crime centres in South Africa have never been robbed.

18:21  "Biggie is just a voice behind a mirror" says Bongi. The housemates discuss Biggie "Biggie loves me" 

18:10  Adams wants Blue all to himself, he encourages Tembi to go for K2
17:58  Sibu speaks to Mbali "Mbali, please speak to your partner, she is becoming cheeky again" Chelsea tells Chelsea to go and make the beds, she says "I can go and make at least one bed"
17:35  Sibu discusses gardening.

17:05 Housemates discuss monogamy with Bexx and Bongi expressing stronger opinions.

16:45 Tembi asks Bongi how he came to dating over-achiever Khali.

16:22 Sibu is cooking tonights supper. Whew! This bunch loves the kitchen
16:00 Ace still refuses to do some house work like the rest of the housemates. K2 is now flirting with Bexx... Earlier on it was Tembi. Is there no stopping this guy?
15:33 Sibu and K2 suggest that Ex was playing Bexx and Tiffini.

15:15 Tiffini, Sibu and K2 all agree that they want to get their licenses as soon as they have their own cars.

14:55 Sibu is in the kitchen and analyses the food situation with Chelsea and Tiffini.

14:39 Tembi seems to feeling K2 a little more than the ordinary. What do you think?

14:18 Housemates enjoy lunch prepared by Matthias and Blue.

14:00 Are Tembi and K2 getting close? Hmm... *in Biggie's voice*

13:46 K2 apologises to a drowsy Chelsea for upsetting her last night.

13:20 Sibu asks housemates to fill him in on the recent spout of air-craft crashed that had plagued countries like Indonesia and Idonesia.

12:54 Some housemates are back in the kitchen preparing a scrumptious meal even though they had breakfast not too long ago.

12:35 Mbali shares her professional carreer on the outside with the housemates.

12:10 Sibu wins today's task reward but unfortunately he cannot take a friend. He is going to enjoy a relaxing session at the spa.
11:53 Tiffini, K2, Adams, Matthias and Sibu make it to the second round of today's task.

11:36 Housemates take to crushing and rolling their tobacco this morning. The joys of winning their wager means they get extra BBuck's to spend on luxury items.

11:07 Housemates catch a breeze in the garden afer gobbling down Tiffini's hearty breakfast. Kay is still snoozing her Good Friday away in bed.

10:45 Housemates enjoy the music.

10:30 Tiffini finally dishes up a yummy power brekkie for the housemates.

10:05 Sibu shares an interesting fact about men and womens fashion and taloring.

09:42 Tembi interrogates Sibu about a long lost lover he seems to be missing.

09:26 Matthias shares his travels, adventures and misadventures.

09:05 Tiffini seems to be cooking a breakfast fro champs in the kitchen.

09:00 Housemates kick off the Easter Weekend with a rigourous bout of Yoga to get those muscles conditioned for the day ahead. Blue and K2 get particularly close as gym partners.

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