April 02, 2015

Live Feed: Day 11

18:47  Ch3elsea shouts at K2, Matthias weighs in. Tensions are high.
18:27  Blue sits on Matthias's lap while watching Chelsea cook. Everyone is singing the song "TWO MILLIONS RANDS!!!"

17:54  Sibu and Chelsea talk relationships.
17:34  "It's because you are laughing at me you Hillbillie" Chelsea to Matthias.
17:13  Both teams are hard at work

16:58  Soxx and Bexx play musical chairs. They discuss their fight yesterday and they feel that they are back on track.

16:44  Tiffini almost forgets her bag as her and Gino report to the diary room. tiffini is happy doing the task as she studied drama. They both feel comfortable with the task. Gino and Tiffini are working better together and it appears that there relationship is better. 

16:35  Blue's team consists of: Bexx, Gino, Pumba, Ntombi, Bongi, Sibu, Mbali and Khali. K2's team is: Adams, Matthias, Soxx, Ace, Chelsea, Kay, Tembi and Tiffini. Rehearsals are well underway, each team is desperate to win the wager.

16:10  Ace and Ntombi are called to the diary room, Ace finnishes his story first. Ntombi says that she is much better.

15:50  Chelsea and a much better Mbali are in the diary room. Chelsea feels that Soxx and Chelsea are the naughtiest.

15:43  Kay says that she needs to teach the housemates respect and bring in rules iinto the house, Pumba talks about rules that should be implemented in the house.

15:35  Kay and Pumba come in for their diary session. They both feel that Blue's team is stronger. Pumba dn Kay feel that Ace is the naughtiest schoolboy.

15:27  K2 and Chelsea chat

15:00  Matthias and Sibu are in the diary room, they feel confident that they will win the wager this evening. "What is the heart of every house?" Biggie says "The diary room"
14:48  Bongi and Khali are in the diary room and discuss the fight between Tembui and Tiffini.
14:30   Soxx.  Matthias and K2's team discuss their task.

14:14  Housemates are allowed to dress in civies for an hour, and in civies, normal school rules do not apply. This is because they completed their task successfuly.

13:51  Tembi and Tiffini have a fight because of something that Tiffini said. Tiffini is defending herself and saying that her words were twisted.

13:35  Blue and K2 are talking about how they are doing as HoH and are proud of how well they have been doing.

13:30  Adams and Tembi tell Biggie that they ar e much happier with this weeks HoH. "If K2 is leading, I don't mind being led" says Tembi. They try to sing the song together, failing for most of the time, They eventually get it

13:13  Soxx is having a sneaky cigarette and inside Blue's team work out their play.

12:51  The girls practise the song. K2 rings the bell. Teams are to be chosen and they are to perform any one of the following: Romeo and Juliet, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and their own play. With 100% wagered, Blue and K2 need to make sure they win. There will also be a graduation ceremony,

12:28  Having completed the task the housemates go into the house to practise their song.

12:15  First there is a class photo and then the task begins. They open the boxes and answer questions from the past week.

12:04  K2 reads out that they must now go outside and gather for a "class photo" 

11:47   Housemates are called into the sitting room and K2 reads out the mathematical task. There are questions about the past week.
11:28  Sibu and Kay are playing Morabaraba, Ace strums the guitar. Tembi is fast asleep.
11:13  Ntombi is in a good mood today, she sings "SHAHOOOO, the way you make me feel... you really turn me on."

10:57  Ace and Kay play Morabaraba, Gino sits brooding in the "naughty room"

10:43  Pumba sits and observes while Bexx sings a song "Two Million Rand will help a lot of lives..." Pumba then raps. Ntombi and Ace all join in.

10:30 Gino's in detention and he's using the time to perfect his air-punching game. Boredom will make you do weird things!

10:15 Kay seems to be feeling under the weather today. What could be wrong?

10:00 The bell rings and it's time for assembly and they sing the National Anthem led by HoH K2.

09:50 Sibu finishes off his cooking session with a special HoH flapjack. "Mhmmm", as biggie would say.

09:45 Pumba was never ready for Ace's morabaraba chants "washa!" "shu!" "yo eish" "m'bethe! m'bethe Blue. Buklu!"

09:30 Oops! Gino's been busted for smoking. Well done Kay!

09:15 So Sibu is treating the schoolmates to some yummy flapjacks - well, his plan was to make pancakes but ehmmm looks like this works. "These are tasty man", his partner Matthias commends him.

09:00 It's April Fools Day but everyone seems to have started the day on a high note. Could the school prefects be slacking though? So many smokers

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