April 01, 2015

Live Feed: Day 10

20:19 Looks like uncle Gino and Chelsea are up to no good.
20:00 Kay goes apes when Gino teases her and says that she'll get a strike if she smokes. She laughs at how Biggie's school is never out.

19:43 Matthias goes beserk again accusing everyone of steeling his bag. He finds in the laundry room.

19:23 Food has become an touchy issue. Bongi joins Bexx and Mbali in the kitcehn as they chat about the way certain people handle food in the house.

18:56  Housemates are suitably admonished for their behaviour this morning at training. The board game has been a hit.

18:48  Kay and Pumba talk to Biggie about the "wager is in danger" comment from Biggie.

18:39  The housemates are engrossed in their game "morabaraba."

18:25  Ace keeps himself busy by counting and dancing around.

18:12  Bexx and Mbali chat while peeling potatoes in the kitchen. They discuss spiders. Ace has now been sent to the naughty room.

17:54  Soxx does exercises while the housemates play outside.

17:16  Chelsea and Mbali say that they wished that the housemates were more polite to the trainers.

17:04  The housemates are hard at work at the task while Soxx sits in disgrace in the conspiracy booth for breaking the no smoking rule.

16:43  Gino and Tiffini discuss the smokers and how good they are at not getting caught.

15:51  Ntombi says that Ace is a fast smoker, "even at school." Gino naps.

15:23  Biggie reads the riot act to all of the housemates about being rude to the trainers in the morning.

15:16  Tembi opens up about Soxx, Adams says that he does not trust him but Tembi does not know.

15:05  Tembi and Adams say that they feel that Mbali would have made a great prefect and also that Adams was able to sneak a cigarette without the prefect catching him with Matthias as his look-out.

15:01  #BBWCW is in full swing and you are letting your feelings be known: 

14:52  Bexx lies alone on the hammock in the garden, alone in her thoughts, recovering from her fight with Soxx, she is visibly upset.
14:24  Soxx and Bexx take their time to get to the diary room. Soxx says he wants to get out of the house immediately. Bexx is shocked "APRIL FOOLS Big Brother." Biggie asks why the HoH pair have not used their conspiracy booth privileges yet. They think that they are probably too scared to use it. Soxx shouts at Bexx, she apologises and he accepts it.
14:10  Bongi and Khali tell Biggie that housemates are pulling in two directions with regard to alcohol and cigaretts. They also discuss their dislike for K2 and Blue.

13:52  Ace and Ntombi chat to Biggie about the issue with food and about the housemates must approach each other and Ace feels as if he has been used as a scapegoat, he feels as if he is being targeted

13:32  Ace plays guitar.

13:20  It's Woman Crush Wednesday, use #BBWCW to tell us which of the gorgeous housemates is your favourite,

12:30  Matthias sings while Adams plays guitar.
12:15  Soxx explains to housemates that he was sleeping because of hunger.
12:00  Its assembly time and housemates get ready to sing the National Anthem.

11:45  HoH reads todays task brief and they discuss it amongst themselves.

11:00  Matt and Blue plan their menu for the week and tells her they cannot have meat for lunch.

10:45  Mbali at it again with her never ending high school stories.

10:30  K2 tells Blue that the more time they spend together, the stronger they will become and she wants to hold her hands when they sleep together and wants more than the kiss.

10:00  K2 looking  furious tells Sibu that they having a serious meeting and should not joke about it.

09:48  Housemates start their meeting and first on the agenda they discuss the wasting of food.

09:40  Sibu tells Tembi that the school uniform is making him look fat.

09:00  Housemates get ready for school and K2 tells them he hates school.

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