April 21, 2015

Khali Wasn't Suprised About Being Replaced By HOH

Last night after being replaced by the Head of House couple Soxx and Tembi, Bongi and Khali had a brief word with each other about what had just happened.

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Soxx did the honours and saved Mbali and Chelsea and replaced them with Bongi and Khali

Khali told Bongi that there was so much speculation in the house and he asked her how she felt about being put up for possible eviction and she said she felt content and she knew it was coming.

HoH Soxx went to the couple and apologised for putting them up as there was no other way. K2 told Kay that Pumba was angry he was not replaced.      

Tembi and Soxx are the only pair in the house who’s not up for eviction as they were lucky enough to win the HoH challenge.  The following pairs are up for possible eviction:

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