April 16, 2015

Khali Prepares The Worst Meal So Far As Gino Is Being Missed

The housemates had never imagined that they could feel it after one of their fellows gets booted but it's evident now that they are really feeling it following uncle Gino's exit.

Gino was that lad who had the cooking skills, he had the ability of preparing a good meal in that even Bongi will end up eating other housemates' leftovers, you all know Bongi is a man who really loves his plate and food.

To even make matters worse, Bongi's lady love Khali prepared a lifetime meal for the housemates only that it turned out to be the worse meal the housemates have had since entering Biggie's house.

No wonder Kay also gave away her beloved plate of food even when she's loves her food just Bongi loves his.

Maybe housemates should consider a lot of things when nominating......

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