April 17, 2015

Kay Puts Chelsea In Her Position

Following the double of nothing dance competition that took place today in the morning, some housemates have found themselves involved in little drama that wasn't even called for.

Poor Chelsea was the victim as she got the displeasure she even didn't expect from Kay infront of the other girls who were around. 

It all started in the kitchen when Blue quipped to Chelsea that she’s not doing her job as Head of House well. Chelsea then decided to vent her frustration on the remark to fellow former Head of House, Kay, and that’s when things went pair shaped.

Just like we all know her straight talk, Kay did make it clear that she was not going to entertain gossip and Chelsea was better off telling her thoughts to Blue personally instead of anyone else.

The then desperately tried to defend herself and her capabilities as a Head of House however it only served to make things worse. Kay then unleashed a tirade of examples highlighting where Chelsea was going wrong and without Mbali nearby to back her up, the poor girl hardly had a chance to get a rebuttal in.

After the tongue lashing was done Chelsea retreated to the kitchen where Mbali and Ntombi were there to console her and advise her on how to avoid the dramas of the house in future.

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