April 23, 2015

Kay Opens Up About Breaking The Law In The Past

Yesterday while the guys occupied themselves in the garden for a few cigarettes, most of the ladies were busy in the kitchen preparing food.

The only thing that was surprising however was that Kay didn't bother joining her fellow girls but instead decided to hang out with the lads as she enjoyed a bottle of shapshap.

The lass 'Kay' was quick to open up to the lads about her past experiences breaking the laws with her friends, not forgetting the day when they were grabbed a stolen car.

From Kay's story, the lads also got to know of the time when she was put into a foul prisoner’s cell alongside a murderer and another criminal.

The story to beat all gangster stories happened when she was arrested for some or other reason at a petrol station. Seated in the back seat of the police vehicle she begged then to stop because she needed the loo.

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She then threatened to relieve herself on the spot when all of a sudden they were racing behind a van that was driving at the speed of lightening.

Not before too long she was in a car-chase, just like how it happens in the movies. Eventually she was the one calling the shots shouting instructions to the police. In the end she was driven right back to the party she was at.

It seems kay has been through a lot before she got the chance to enter the Big Brother Mzansi house, let's hope she'll keep those stories coming whenever she gets the time.

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