April 24, 2015

Kay Is Ready To Compete With Chelsea For Pumba

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To start with, Kay met Pumba for the very first time at the launch of Big Brother Mzansi and then began playing the game with him.

All of a sudden, Kay just started feeling the guy as she developed a crush on poor Pumba. However Pumba has always responded negatively to all her moves.

And while she was still trying to figure out how to make Pumba love her, there came a certain Tiffini who really bonded well with Pumba especially when they even had $£x.

When Tiffini left the house, it was now Kay's time to have Pumba for her self alone. Again some one came in and this time it was none other the beautiful Chelsea, of course Kay became a little bit jealous this time as she wasn't ready to let the man of her life slip away from her arms.

Either way Kay wasn’t going to go down without a fight, especially now that crafty Chelsea, who had already kissed the most people in the house, was making her move. She had laid her target on Chelsea and was onto her scheming ways.

Last week when she brought Chelsea to tears after she attempted a gossip session with her, she meant business.

Just a few days back she tipped the scale of awkward when she outright farted in Chelsea’s face with Pumba smack dab in the middle of the mix. Chelsea was also. It appears, going out of her way to reel Pumba in just to spite Kay.

Mbali and Chelsea have extended an invite to Pumba and Kay to join them in their Double or Nothing spa treat after Kay had expressed that she was just dying for a massage.

It's still not that clear if this was a calculated moved on Chelsea’s part to maybe get closer to Pumba while Kay looked bitterly on?

We'll keep you posted.......

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