April 02, 2015

Kay Busts Gino For Smoking

The laundry area has turned into the smoking zone and the school prefects were oblivious of this fact until Kay made a bust.
The morning started off with a good exercise session even though Kay preferred sitting this one out and watching from the sidelines. It was long before the smokers sneaked out one by one to the laundry room to get their nicotine fix.

Gino, Adams, Chelsea, Soxx and Pumba all found solace in the laundry area later joined by Ace. None of the prefects; Bongi, Sibu, Bexx or Kay were in sight.

What of Matthias simply smoking on the hammock? Not all hope is lost though as Kay busted Gino just before breakfast. The Capetonian had made a u-turn to the laundry area for yet another fix just before breakfast.

Being the only prefect smoker, Kay has been feeling the pinch as her transgression of the smoking rule would attract an even stiffer penalty than the one-hour detention that the rest of the schoolmates face. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch prefect Sibu was busying himself with flipping flapjacks, never mind that his plan was to make pancakes. His assistant Tiffini worked the syrup and banana chunks to go with the treat. It wasn't all fun though as Tembi was seen missing her school skirt, it's not clear who eventually borrowed her but, it was a really big skirt.

Well, tonight is the night. Will the schoolmates nail their 100 percent wager?

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