April 05, 2015

K2 Confirms It To Blue That He loves Her

He may be quite the ladies man, walking around the house charming all the fine and feisty women of the house but last night after a drink too many K2 could no longer mask his feelings for the Royal Blue. They were too strong.

During diary sessions and in general K2 had revealed that after getting his heart broken before he didn’t want to get involved in that kind of emotional drama again. But it looked more like he was spinning this tale to convince himself more than anyone else.

Blue, in all her beauty, was disarming the poor guy. According to K2, Blue was exploiting him in the partnership by making him fall for her when she couldn’t enter into any sort of romance with him.

This seemed a little warped because she had also made it crystal clear that she was not looking to ‘catch’ feelings. Also how was she to blame for his own feelings?

We can’t tell if K2 was playing his own partner or if he was really losing the plot, or even if Blue was up to something herself. It wasn’t long ago when K2 was telling Tembi how attached Blue was to him, when really it appeared to be the other way around.

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