April 11, 2015

K2 And Blue Win Heavily

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After making it to the final round of Big Brother Mzansi week 3 Friday night games, K2 and Blue shined last night by finally winning the big prize for the night.

For this final round, K2 and Blue were joined by two other couples of Adams and Tembi, & Chelsea and Mbali all whom had successfully qualified to the final round.

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So lets break down real quick, the couples were asked to gather as many tennis ball as they could onto their suits then into a pool. Biggie had provided them with sticky suits so that the balls could easily stick onto them.

The couple that carried the most number of balls into the pool would emerge as the winner, Adams and Tembi were the first to play and indeed they collected some balls though they weren't enough to help them win.

The other two couples also played and finally K2 and Blue emerged as the big winners of the night as they collected the most number of tennis balls into the pool, Chelsea and Blue were runners up.

And following their win, Big Brother awarded K2 and Blue with Immunity and Power Nomination. For the immunity, K2 and Blue can use this immunity only one time if they ever get nominated or be replaced by any Head of House couple, this immunity is valid up to the last week of the game.

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And for the power nomination, K2 and Blue are free to use this power by putting up any couple of their choice up for possible eviction. They are eligible to do this only one time and it's valid up to the end of the game.

However Big Brother gave them one condition following their massive win last night, they are to keep both the immunity and power nomination as a secret to only themselves. And should they ever tell it to any of their fellow housemates, it would expire immediately.

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