April 16, 2015

K2 And Blue's Love Hits Another Rock

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Blue and K2 emerged from their diary session carrying the whole weight of this big, bad, puzzling world on their shoulders. Blue more than he, as she poured her heart out to him about how hurt she was about the unfortunate events of the past week, including the strike he was issued for inappropriate behaviour.

 The pair had been back and forth with their relationship, undecided about whether to pursue their romance or focus rather on the game. This was all getting increasingly conflicting in the house of the ‘Royals’.

With a defeated demeanour Blue laid her heart and soul bare to an attentive K2. She revealed that she was not sure about him any longer. It hurt that he said one thing to her and turned around and behaved in a manner that would not only jeopardise their position in the game but also cast their new romance into doubt. Remorseful, all he could do was say sorry. 

In a nutshell, the girl was deeply betrayed and she was struggling to get over it. She also confessed that it made her feel lost because while she was falling for him, she still could not shirk the guilt she felt about her relationship on the outside.

Her boyfriend was a provider and while she had grown complacent in her own life goals within the relationship, she was afraid to throw away something that might have a future for something with K2 that might just be a fleeting fling. In all honesty, she could not fully trust because they were ultimately playing a game.

Will their partnership survive this slump?

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