April 28, 2015

K2, Ace And Mbali Set For Their First Mission As Secrets Agents

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Yesterday you the public picked your team of secret agents inside the Big Brother Mzansi house after which you also selected which missions you wanted them to accomplish, it's now for for action.

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Today Big Brother summoned one of the Secret agents K2 into the diary room for a briefing on their latest mission.

Biggie informed K2 that it was now time for them 'Secret Agents' to execute their first mission, he also asked him to secretly take Ace and Mbali aside and further brief them about their latest mission.

According to Big Brother, the public wants Ace, K2 and Mbali to quickly execute the following mission within 24 hours:

- They should steal and hide the whole cutlery.

- They must also swap all the house's sugar for salt.

- And lastly they must rob and hide Tembi’s gown including all the girl’s make-up kits.

Biggie further told K2 that whenever they're done stealing any of the above mentioned items, they are supposed to take them to the store-room.

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However they'll need to inform Biggie whenever they want him to open the store-room for them thus he has also given them secret code signals to use in informing him of their need for the store-room.

Below are the secret code signals Ace, Mbali and K2 must use;

- Sitting on a chair in the middle of the garden

- Placing a pot or bucket over their heads.

- They can alternatively sing the national anthem.

Lets wish the Secret Agents a successful mission...............

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