April 15, 2015

Is K2 Confused? He Says He Also Has Feeling For Tembi

One thing that can't be avoided inside the Big Brother Mzansi house right now is love, most if not all  of the housemates are deeply in love with someone in the house.

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However some housemates still don't know what they want, take an example of K2. Yesterday in the evening when the little princess Blue was sleeping, her man in K2 helped himself over to beaty queen Tembi.

K2 didn't hesitate to tell Tembi what he feels for her, the lad was also confused on what to say about Tembi and Soxx's current partnership or even relationship.

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Looking to be confused about who he really loves, K2 told Tembi that he actually had feelings her. Was this a small trick of trying to confuse Tembi or the lad really meant what he said?

It wasn't much long before K2 returned to his first lady love Blue..........

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