April 03, 2015

Is K2 Chasing Tembi Now?

Has anyone else picked up that Tembi and K2 had become quite the buddy-buddy item? Well if you hadn’t their pillow talk this afternoon may have you asking the same question.
The pair were friends but could benefits emerge from it? As Biggie would say; Hmm…

The friends found their way to one another’s side and enjoyed an intimates conversation on everything that they reckoned was going on in the house. There was certainly some kind of chemistry in the air as they dissected various pairs and characters in the house, while a crafty Tembi steered clear from the topic of her relationship with Soxx.

K2, on the other hand, let it all hang out. From his relationship with Blue at night to his dalliance with Chelsea during the day. He was sure that Blue was getting attached to him but he didn’t quite like pretty, adorned girls like her, his type was more a lot more unfussy about her appearance and down to earth. A lot like Tembi?

Well she said as much. That’s why they were getting on like a house on fire.

She then revealed she couldn’t wait for the likes of Mbali and Sibu to crack. While Mbali was too calm and collected, Sibu cared a lot more than he made out.

She thought Ntombi was a cunning observer but only in a one dimensional way. Which according to her, was “cute”. Patronising much? She also pointed out Chelsea to be quite immature and they both agreed Kay was pulling the game down for Pumba.

She, of course, sang her partner, Adams’, praises and not so much Tiffini.

Earlier on she suggested, behind her back, that Blue was the one housemate who would probably be too uppity who even greet her fellow housemates on the outside.

K2 went on to say that he reckons Mbali would be a better partner to him in this game because she was so level-headed and focussed.

Do you reckon these two friendship was genuine? 

Sibu, Matthias, Bongi and Khali are up for eviction this week. Vote here to save your favourite housemate

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