April 07, 2015

Hungry Housemates Want The Food Problem Solved

After last night’s open hour with Mbali and Chelsea, housemates tabled their feelings about the harsh conditions of the cash prize deal. 

While we can’t say that the burning issue could be resolved overnight, especially after all the clashes that came out of it, we reckoned everyone would play nice, or at least try to.

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But in the end, it turned out these were the hunger games and Ace was, once again, the leader of the gang.

This morning Mbali and Chelsea decided to buy housemates a yummy, greasy breakfast of amagwinya (fat cakes) and boloney. But that was it for the day as lunch proved to be too pricey a purchase.

The girls did this as a way to extend the olive branch of friendship but housemates were far from impressed. Most still took yesterday’s events to heart and resentment was brewing. Trust was lost on either side.

Ace, Khali, Blue and Kay as a group continued to grovel about hunger and had started to find ways to steal food when Biggie’s Mobile Kitchen arrived. Ace was even caught in the act when he tried nab the plate of pizza that had been brought in for supper.

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While they did their laundry out by the back, the group started plotting their next move in vernacular, assuming the girls wouldn’t understand.
Mbali walked out soon after to confront them and inform them that she understood everything they said. She expressed that she was disappointed before pouring her heart out to them.

It ended, once again, with a broken-hearted Mbali.

Do you think the housemates are being fair?

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