April 10, 2015

How Much Money Did Chelsea And Mbali Remain With After The Liquids Week?

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Following last Sunday's eviction of Sibu and Matthias, life inside the Big Brother Mzansi house has some how been hard for most of the housemates to handle. Giving an example of Mbali and Chelsea who won R10, 000 each, the pair has really learnt one or more lessons about how to handle life inside Biggie's house.

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After convincing their fellow trouble makers to accept feeding on a liquid diet for four solid days as part of a term between Biggie and them, Mbali and Chelsea however were supposed to pay for any food stuffs that the housemates consumed other than the liquids.

After purchasing birthday cakes for Bongi and Khali, purchasing at least one meal a day for the housemates and also paying for any food that their fellows stole from Biggie's mobile kitchen, Chelsea and Mbali have remained R8,300 each to take home.

Do you think Chelsea and Mbali handled well all the situation that came their way this week?

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