April 22, 2015

Housemates Successfully Construct A Power Pipeline

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Housemates were called for a task briefing and HoH read it to them.  Housemates were required to construct a Power Pipeline in such a manner that allowed the flow of a liquid solution from one point to another.

Housemates had an hour to construct the pipeline and it was important for them to adhere to the rules since Biggie warned them that their 100 percent wager was at stake.  

At the sound of the buzzer, housemates reported to the garden and began constructing their Power Pipeline and there was a bucket filled with liquid solution at the position marked as ‘A’ and a bowl placed at the position marked as ‘B’.

When construction time began, Khali articulated to housemates that she liked the idea of using shortest to tallest pipelines and some of them like Ntombi who did not know what to do, watched housemates planning and constructing the pipeline.  

Even Blue carried tall pipelines and moving them around with her tiara and heels on and was hands on.

Ace, Khali and Soxx were truly hands and made sure that their construction would not fall apart.  K2 took some time off, stood on the side and smoked his cigarette like a real King.  

Biggie warned them about moving fixed supporting structured and tyres in the garden as they were a guide indicating the direction of the pipes and if they moved them, they would lose their task.

Housemates communicated very well with each other and there was no bickering and shouting and Pumba was very good at giving out instructions and let other people do the work. 

HoH asked Biggie if they could test their Pipeline and he allowed them.  With no spilling, Soxx and Tembi poured the solution flowing down the Pipelines and filled the bowled and housemates were ecstatic.

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