April 23, 2015

Housemates Show Their Support To African Cultures

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On tonight’s presentation, “Africa Unite” housemates had an attempt to build peaceful, tolerant, enhance social cohesion and conducive African communities.  The current xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals in the country left some people without their families.

All housemates had strong voices, they acted together and united for one cause and that was a good platform for them to unite Africa and what the African continent needed.

The HoH Tembi introduced the tribute to African cultures and attributes and Soxx recited his poem which spoke about African men being strong, educated without books and African men who cannot be broken.  Soxx always the poet worked very well with his words and they were followed by The Royals who took to the stage.

Blue missed her tune at first but her King was there to help her out and were so determined with their theme song which spoke about uniting African countries and asked all to join them.  Their poem was called “What it means to be an African”

Kay showed off her singing talent and sang an emotional prayer for Africa which touched some housemates.  The way she sang it, it was as if she knew what was happening on the outside and took the presentation seriously.  Her performance was followed by Ace and Ntombi who told people to be proud of who they are and where they came from.

Bongi and Khali used their props very well, they had drums and shaker and performed a traditional dance.  They got all housemates on their feet and we saw the Royals dancing the Xhosa and Zulu dances.  Sassy Khali stood out with her poem that was fused with Tswana and English and performed it like a professional.

African princesses Mbali and Chelsea closed the presentation and performed a song called “Africa unite because we are one” and asked everyone to join in.  They all seemed to enjoy themselves and danced to their tune.  MC Tembi thanked everyone for a good job and asked them to unite.

"Africans Unite"

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