April 22, 2015

Housemates Reach Halfway The Game

After all that has happened in the Big Brother Mzansi house this season, the six pairs of housemates remaining inside Biggie's house have made a full month today.

It's a secret that the milestone is significant, it’s certainly come at a cost for some. As the R2 million draws closer, some pairs seem to be starting to show signs of weakness as the events of the house rock their foundation.

Initial best friends, Chelsea and Mbali, have been struggling to find their spark lately and they tend to fight more than they get along. The shaky times are an undeniable blow to the only all-female pair that previously threatened the other housemates with their chemistry. There’s still hope though for them as Chelsea occasionally relinquishes her feistiness and lets the ever-caring Mbali steer the ship.

Soxx and Tembi however may be on the cusp of a complete breakdown. Despite being crazy about each other, the constant meddling of K2 has started to take its toll on the couple. Last night they hardly spent a loving moment together and after Tembi had another stolen interaction with K2, Soxx finally lost and confronted his partner. The situation escalated into a full-fledged argument in the bedroom and although they were speaking in hushed whispers, insults and swear words flew with reckless abandon as they both struggled to resolve the matter.

In the end though Soxx admitted that while their relationship may be flawed, he still loves Tembi. Perhaps there may be a glimmer of hope for the couple but maybe K2 sees this as the opportune time to add fuel to the fire. You never know what The Royal has up his sleeve.

It’s not all doom and gloom though in Biggie’s house. After a string of warnings from Big Brother and tiffs with Ntombi, Ace is back on top of the ball and in the highest of spirits!

As everyone struggled to go one with the continuous dancing for Biggie’s Power Dance challenge, Ace became the housemate’s cheer leader. He led each gruelling dance routine with excitement and cheers as he tried to keep the motivation levels up. At least someone is enjoying this task.

Today brings new prospects for them all. Although some couples may be falling apart, everyone still has to work their hardest to earn the 100% wager from Biggie. Can they put their differences aside and keep their eye on the prize?

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